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Bargain Buys!  We show you how!  We show you how to buy seized and surplus vehicles from the government and other private sources, complete with comprehensive listings of local auctions in all fifty states.  All makes and models: 

Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Jaguars, Cadillacs, Toyotas, Hondas, Mitsubishis, Audis, Pontiacs, Fords, Dodge, Lexus, Infiniti,  Lotus, even Lamborghinis and Ferraris, and a lot more.  

You'll be amazed how it's possible for top marquee models to be driven on the road for less than $1,000.  Don't be surprised if that classy Benz next to you at the stoplight was purchased for $200!

Why so cheap?  Federal, state and local government sales and auctions of drug-seized items, bankruptcy sales, probate sales, sheriff's sales and sales of items seized by the IRS, FBI, DEA and police --- that's why.  It costs the government an inordinate amount of money to store and maintain these items so there is tremendous pressure to sell as quickly as possible at extremely low prices, for pennies on the dollar.  And unfortunately for the government, not many people have knowledge of these auctions.

We show you how, what, when and where!

So stop paying full price for used vehicles!  Get your next car at substantially lower prices than the blue book value at places the most astute dealers shop.  Or, profit from this knowledge to buy and sell vehicles yourself.

These auctions are held virtually every week at a location very near you.

Get your next car at substantial discount!


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For a registration fee of $39.95, you will have instant access to information and tips for a full year so that you can attend the auctions in your local area that allow you to buy your next car for pennies on the dollar.  



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